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Root cause analysis in today's enterprises must concentrate on minimizing "business downtime". If a router fails, the immediate question that needs to be answered is "what business service did it impact" and what is the cost to my business. Traditional systems limit root cause analysis to data networks. However, given the enhanced role of IT as an enabler of business, it is becoming increasingly important to extend this correlation to the “service” layer- i.e. to answer questions such as “why is my payroll service or banking service running slow”. Getting an answer to such questions in real-time is critical to reduce impact to the business.

Zyrion's Traverse provides advanced root cause analysis (RCA) features that extend beyond traditional network level analysis. The root cause analysis engine is based on a Service Object Model designed for analyzing end-to-end business impact instead of just stopping at the network layer.

The tight integration of the root cause engine as part of the Traverse suite allows providing a seamless solution, which begins with discovering network elements as well as servers, databases and applications. Real-time alarms are triggered based on approaching maximum capacity, traps, and log messages, taking into account the complex relationships between IT elements that deliver distributed applications. Traverse uses tens of thousands of data samples ranging from the network all the way up to the application stack in order to identify the root cause of service degradation.


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